30 Day Challenge – Day 6

Something You’ll Miss

Today’s post is about something you would miss. Well, there’s a lot of things I’d miss. I’m not sure if it is talking about if you passed away or if you just came across a bad string of luck. I’m gonna go with the bad string of luck.

1) My Dogs. Period. The end.

2) Justin. I don’t know where I’d be without him.

3) I already miss living in the country.

4) My car. Duh.

I know that’s more than one thing but that’s what I would miss.


30 Day Challenge – Day 5

What’s in Your Purse?

Well, there’s a lot of stuff in my purse as you can see:

Probably not as much as most people but I keep my bullet journal, cigarettes, pens, a book, a knife (gotta be safe), a lighter of course, sunglasses, a fan for line dancing because it gets hot, and there’s some washi tape down in there somewhere.

Normally I don’t carry a purse when I go out I just put my ID and money in my bra. It’s a lot easier than keeping up with a bag.

30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 is a wish list collage. So let’s test my skills and see if I can do this successfully. 😁

Thigh High Socks 😍

Pom Pom Hat 💋

Patricia Nash oh my I would spend my life savings on these bags…they are amazing!

Dan Post Boots are only the best boots for line dancing and country swing. I’ve had my Dance Posts for years and I love them!! Here’s another that I want kinda bad:

Dan Post Boots again because they are THE BEST.

Ok…so that’s all I’ve got for my wish list…y’all know Christmas is coming up 😋. 

To be completely honest, this post was so hard to do! There’s not much that I would really spend money on. I can’t wait for day three!

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Introduction and Recent Picture

Thirty day #challenge…it’s a little daunting to be honest. I’m gonna buckle down and do it though!

Here we go…

Introductions usually involve your name, age, something about you, etc. I’ve already done that so I’ll start this post off by telling you a little bit about why I’ve decided to do a 30 day challenge. It all started when I decided to create my own #bulletjournal . Premade planners are never what I need or can keep up with so I went to Pinterest…I know…nothing ever comes out like you want it to from Pinterest but I decided to give it a try. It is amazing! I’m making lists, planning my weeks and my months and getting to draw and color the way I want to! I have finally found a planner that I love because I made it!

Anyway…this Bullet Journal thing is keeping me on track in life so far so I decided to start using to keep up with blogging…and it’s working! Well it’s only the first day but I’m seeing an improvement in my want to blog. So I set up a specific page in my bullet journal for a 30 day challenge. Intro over. Haha

Got free stuff line dancing last week. If you look closely, you’ll see my boyfriend…the guy in the cowboy hat 🙂

The first day also asks for a recent picture of you. So it is above. I don’t take a lot of pictures of myself when I’m not at work anymore so it was hard to find one!

Day 1 done!! Looking forward to the next 29 days!


I cannot believe it’s been so long since I have posted anything here.  Life has a weird way of catching up to you and before you know it, you’re stuck in traffic. Good news is that traffic always let’s up, it just may take a while.

So I’ve decided to get off the highway for a while

 and cruise down some backroads. Hopefully this will give me time to do what I love to do. Write.

Love, peace, and Blessed Be


A Little Bit From the Fast Lane

Yes, you read that right. Fuck ’em. If you don’t have haters then you aren’t living your life to the fullest. 

Gossip and rumors happen but you have to learn how to let it roll off your back. Understand that people talk. Boring people talk about you because you are more beautiful, successful, and intellegent than they will ever be. 

I know you’re probably thinking “that is so high school”. You’re right. The people that start this shit are still stuck in high school. They were most likely bullies and had nothing going for them and still don’t, so they resort to spreading rumors and false truths about the successful people around them. They will also be extremely coniving and do things to ruin other people’s livelihoods to get the job that they desire. They know that they have no real skills and have to undermine someone else in order to get where they want to be. Yes, it’s bullshit, but yes it happens. I’ve seen it so many times. We love in a world where no one wants to put effort in anymore, they want the easy way out, or in. 

My advice? Stay away from these people. They will talk about you no matter what but if you leave them be to suffer in their own misery, you won’t fuel their fire.

Remember misery loves company. So fuck ’em. Do you and be you and don’t worry about anyone else.

Blessed be!